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VoIP Service Providers - Find the Best VoIP Phone Service

Most shoppers research items before making a purchase by using one or more of the following sources of information.  Shopping for a VoIP Phone Service provider is no exception.

  • Ask a friend or family member for a recommendation.
  • Rely on expert opinion. 
  • Read information from advertisements and purchase a brand with a familiar name.
  • Rely on price as an indicator of quality.
  • Assume quality is about the same and shop for the "cheapest" price.

VoIP Phone Service to 75 Countries $24.95 a month

As all savvy consumers know the above methods of product research all have potential flaws and weaknesses. So what should a consumer do when shopping for a VoIP Phone Service provider?

We feel the following recommendations will help consumers find the Best VoIP Phone Service provider for them.

Domestic or International phone service!

First, decide on the VoIP Phone Service plan that best fits your needs. Not everyone makes international calls and many people may not even need unlimited long distance.  Some consumers find that pay-as-you-go VoIP Phone Service is best for them. 

Second, purchase VoIP Phone Service from a reputable VoIP Service Provider who has 24/7 customer support and a full money back guarantee. A 30 day trail period is typically provided by most VoIP Service providers today. 

Third, study the purchasing habits of other consumers.  In general, consumers vote with their pocketbooks. If they purchase an item they do not like they will return it for a refund.  We have been selling several (15 to 20) different VoIP Phone Service plans from different VoIP service providers on several websites for a couple of years and we study the behavior of our customers.  This helps us optimize sales by providing popular VoIP products that offer quality and value. So, what have customers been telling us?  The following are the most popular VoIP Phone Service providers based on the number of sales from our websites.  Later we will provide the one(s) with the most returns during the 30 day trial period.

The Best VoIP Phone Service Providers - Based on the Behavior or Our Customers


BroadVoice VOIP - Unlimited calling to the USA and Canada for only $8.95 per month.  Keep your phone number and can also use with cell phone.

VoIP Phone ServiceA popular low cost VoIP provider.  

Is this a scientific study?  No, it is a study based on our experience and observations.  However, if we purchased  VoIP Phone Service right now we would look at Joi Phone, Lingo or VoIP.com.  From out experience these are the best sellers and are almost never returned duirng the trial period.

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