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Make Cheap International Calls with the Tel3 Network

Tel3 can now be used to make cheap international phone calls from the USA, Canada and 31 other countries.  Now if you travel to one of these countries you can use Tel3 to call home or if you live in one of these countries you can purchase Tel3 with your credit card or Pay Pal and use it to make cheap international phone calls.  These countries all have Tel3Advantage access numbers.  Tel3 is branching out so people around the world can have the same great service as those in the USA have had for more than 15 years.  Visit Tel3 for more information or to open an account.  You can also call 800 441 0321 for more information or to open an account over the phone.  The following countries have recently been added.

tel3 network

New Tel3 Network Countries



















 Czech Republic


  Dominican Re[ublic

 South Africa

El Salvador

 South Korea










 United Kingdom




If you are already a Tel3 customer there is nothing to change.  Just start using the service when traveling or visiting one of these countries.  If you have friends and family in one of these countries, they can start using Tel3 to make cheap international calls to the USA and other locations.  Visit the Tel3 website for access numbers and information about making calls from these Tel3 Network countries.  Tel3 offers a great product for people who live in one of these countries or people who travel frequently to one or more countries.  Tel3 offers a great product for keeping in touch and for saving money on international calls.   

Tel3 also offers a variety of useful features at no cost.  These include on-line account access where customers can monitor activity on their account including the cost and details for all calls made using their account.  They also include speed dial so customer's can make international phone calls with ease, PIN free dialing and automatic recharge.  There is no charge for opening an account and there is no account maintenance fee or other hidden charges.