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Visit wireless services for international call plans for cell phones and other wireless products and services.

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Prepaid Phone Cards International - Offering a wide variety of low cost phone cards.  Rates start at less than 1 cent per minute. Use from more than 130 countries. The quality of all phone cards are fully guaranteed.

Tel3AdvantageA popular Dial Around (Flex Plan) calling plan. A phone card like product that can be be used to make low cost international calls to nearly any location from the USA and Canada.  Offering high quality, convenience and flexibility at phone card rates.  New customer's get up to 473 Free Minutes.

Austin Business Phones - Telco Data Sells Business Telephone Systems in Austin, Texas.

Avaya Lucent Partner Phones - Alliancetelecom Inc are providers of Avaya Lucent Partner Phones, voicemail systems and Processor Expension Module.

Phone Cards, International Calling Cards - Buy prepaid phone cards and calling cards online at cheap rates, prepaid wireless refill minutes instantly at PINZOO.com - No shipping, PIN sent by Email.

Discount Long Distance - Tired of phone cards and other low quality products. We offer high quality connections and award winning service.


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phone directory

Austin Business Phone - Sharco Technologies Sells Business Telephone Systems in Austin, Texas.

International Phone Cards - Cards to phone" offers you International Phone Cards and  Prepaid Calling Cards for long distance Phone Calls. Get a PIN by e-mail immediately! 

VoIP Service - iCallglobe, one of the leading VoIP providers, offers enhanced quality call termination services, wholesale carrier services, reseller programs, business solutions and managed partitioning services.

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