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PC to Phone service is a great option for people who travel with a computer and want to make low cost domestic and international long distance calls from any location.  All you need is an INTERNET connection so you can make calls from any location in the world. This is a great deal for international travels or expats living in overseas locations.  It is also ideal for students or military personnel. In most cases you can make Free Calls to other people using PC-to-PC service if both parties use the same service provider (like Skype or LocalPhone).  Call quality can be very good but it depends on the quality (speed) of the INTERNET connection being used to make the call.  The most popular PC-to-PC phone service is Skype.  It can be used to make Free PC-to-PC calls or cheap calls from PC-to-Phone.  Users need to download their free software from the Skype website, click the banner below for details.

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Rebtel also features PC-to-Phone Service and also Free PC-to-Pc Service, Cheap International Text Messaging and cheap international calling from mobile or land-lines all in one package. Visit: PC to Phone Calls for up-to-date information on their new and improved service.

More PC-to-Phone Information

Many people who travel with a computer or live in overseas locations like to make frequent calls home and are always looking for low cost options.  PC-to-PC or PC-to-Phone options are hard to beat in most locations because they can be used to make low cost (even FREE) international calls from virtually any INTERNET connection.  Calls are made using PC to Phone without any special equipment or even a telephone. They can be made using the microphone and speakers included with most laptop computers or with a separate headset and microphone.  These systems offers low rates to most locations, ease of use and quick setup.  The necessary software can be downloaded from the website and the system can be used immediately. PC to Phone can be used from nearly any Internet connection. A minimum Internet connection speed of 33.6 kbps is typically required but, in general, the faster the speed the better the call quality. 


How to Unblock Skype and other Web Based Products

Some countries actively block Skype and other low cost VoIP products in order to force international callers to use their local, high cost phone service.  The following are the countries we know of but there could be others: Belize, Brazil, Caribbean Countries (Jamaica, etc.), China, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Qatar and the UAE.  As a result, International calling rates from these countries can be extremely expensive ($1 per minute or more).  However, there is a simple way to get around this problem and use Skype from any country.  All a caller needs to do is install and open VPN program like StrongVPN (see banner below for details).  We tested this on a recent visit to Oman and it works very well.  When StrongVPN is used it gives a user a secure path to their server in another country.  In our case we used a server in New York but there are other options.  Using our New York connection, Skype thought we were in the USA and gave us USA rates on PC-to-Phone calls.  This is around 2 cents-per-minute on calls to phones in the USA. 

StrongVPN costs about $85 per year but it provides people who travel with laptops several significant advantages.  First, it allows users to use Skype to make cheap or free calls from any INTERNET connection.  Second, it provides international users with an IP address in another country (from example the USA) so Skype to phone charges can be significantly cheaper.  Third, it provides users a secure connection to the INTERNET from any location.  Therefore, people who use their PC over public wireless networks, like those found in hotels or airports, still have a secure connection to the INTERNET.  In our opinion, StrongVPN is a product that is well worth the money for those who travel internationally.