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Cheap International Calling - The Continental Online Phone Card

Continental offers one of the most versatile online phone cards on the market today.  It can be used as a calling card from over 60 countries.  It can also be used as a prepaid international callback card (using the web call or sms call feature), to make prepaid conference calls, for prepaid VoIP or PC to Phone, to call 800 numbers in the USA from overseas or to set up a personal toll free number.

It can be used from any telephone (cell, home, voip, business, hotel, etc) to make cheap domestic or international long distance calls without changing companies.  It is a prepaid calling card that can be used from over 60 countries including the USA and Canada  along with countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East. 

The following are some of the features found with the continental phone card.  Visit Smart Global Call International Phone Cards for more details.

  • It has the highest quality connections.
  • It has virtually no fees typically found with phone cards.
  • It allows customers to set-up speed dial numbers for ease of dialing.
  • It has PIN Free Dialing. Customers can register up to 4 phones with one account and not enter an account number or PIN when making a call from one of these phones.
  • It has a manual or automatic refill option.
  • It has on-line call history so customers can view the details of every call from their account.
  • There is no setup or maintenance fee.
  • It has toll free access and a wide network of local access numbers in the USA and 60 other countries.
  • It can be used to make low cost international calls from the USA and 60 other countries.
  • It can be used as a virtual phone card or as a callback card from any country in the world.
  • It has low rates when compared to other products with similar call quality.
  • It can be used to set-up a personal 800 number.
  • It can be used for conference calling.


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International calling plan