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Phone Card Comparison Tool - Easily Find Information on Cost, Quality and Features

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Use the handy tool below to instantly compare phone cards for making calls to or from any destination.  The tool provides useful information such as the advertised per-minute-rate, a summary of additional fees or taxes, a listing of access numbers and quality ratings based on customer surveys.  The tool can be used to compare costs in any major currency.  Learn the details of a phone card before making a purchase so you are not surprised by a higher than expected cost or poor quality. 

The tool is very easy to use.  Simply follow these steps:

  • Choose the Country Calling "From" and the Country Calling "To".
  • Press the "Best Rates Search" button.
  • A list of Phone Cards will appear. These are ordered by the advertised rate per-minute to the chosen destination from the lowest rate to the highest rate. Remember, these are advertised rates and do not include added fees or taxes when using the card or any discounts received when making a purchase.
  • Click on the Picture of a Phone Card in order to review in more detail.  Always check and adjust the rate for added fees and taxes.
  • On the individual phone card pages, click on "Compare Cards" in the upper right corner of the screen and up to 3 phone cards can be compared side-by-side.  This is a handy option for comparing fees and costs for making calls to multiple destinations.
Phone Card Comparison Tool  
Phone Card Purchasing Tips
  1. Be sure to check the details of a phone card before making a purchase.  Adjust the advertised rate for any additional fees or taxes so the cost of making calls with individual phone cards can be compared on the same basis.
  2. Most of the phone cards listed in our comparison tool have low fees but some still charge maintenance fees, taxes or an additional fee for using a toll free access number.  Adjust the per-minute rate for making calls by adding these fees where applicable.
  3. A maintenance fee is not necessarily bad.  Many cards that charge a maintenance fee also have low per- minute rates.  Simply use the card before the maintenance fee is due and there will be no additional charge.
  4. Pay attention to taxes and surcharges.  These fees will be added to the cost of each call and there is no way to avoid them.
  5. If you plan to use a toll free access number for placing calls than pay attention to the cost.  Some phone cards do not charge an extra fee for toll free access while others may charge as much as 2 or 3 cents-per-minute.  In some cases it may be cheaper to use a card with local access or a lower toll free access charge even if the advertised per-minute rate is higher.
  6. Pay attention to the customer ratings for each phone card.  These provide an accurate reflection of phone card quality based on the experience of customers. 

phone card comparison