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Call Argentina - Cheap International Calls to Argentina

Make international calls to Argentina from the USA, Canada and 19 other countries for as little as 1.8 cents per minute (also get up to $10 in Free Calls) during the Triple Promo.  Visit Tel3Advantage to sign-up or call 800 441 0321 and ask for the Triple Promotion. Tel3Advantage does not have hidden charges or taxes, they have the highest call quality and plenty of added features at no additional cost.  It can be used like a phone card to make cheap calls to Argentina and other locations without changing companies.  Callers can also make cheap calls to Argentina from more than 130 countries with phone cards. Rates start at around 0.3 cents, visit: Smart Global Call for more information. Se habla espanol, telephono a 800 441 0321.

 calling to Argentina International calls to Argentina require the country dialing code (54) and the appropriate city dialing code.  The city calling codes for Argentina can be found in the table at the bottom of the page.  To make an international call to Argentina from North America, simply dial 011 + 54 + (city calling code) + (phone number).

Now use Tel3Advantage to make cheap international calls from Argentina.  Visit Tel3 International for details.  Get the same great rates as in the USA. 

Consider the following options for making cheap international calls to Argentina from the USA and other countries.  Call Argentina and get high quality connections, ease of use, flexibility and low cost.


Cheap Calls to the USA from Argentina 

You can now make cheap calls to the USA and other locations from Argentina and 19 other countries with Tel3Advantage.  The rate on international calls to the USA is only 1.9 USA cents per minute.  Visit Tel3 International for more details and money saving coupons.  Tel3Advantage can now be purchased from Argentina and other countries with a credit card or through Pay Pal.  They have a great prepaid calling plan that has been popular in the USA for over 15 years.


How to Make Cheap International Calls from Argentina

There are a variety of phone cards that can be used to make cheap international phone calls from Argentina.  Visit cheap calls Argentina for further information.  Rates start as low as 2.4 cents per minute for calls to the United States.  On-line phone cards feature low rates and also come with other features such as PIN free dialing, call history and speed dial.  They are easy to use and premium phone cards also have the highest call quality.   Phone cards can be purchased in denominations as low as $5 so they are a convenient and cheap option for making international phone calls to Argentina and other locations.



City Dialing Codes for Argentina


 City Code


 City Code









 Bahia Blanca




 Buenos Aires








 Comodoro Rivadavia


 Rio Cuarto








 San Juan


 La Plata


 San Rafael


 Las Flores


 Sante Fe


 Mar Del Plata






 Villa Maria



To call Argentina from North America dial:  011 54+(City Code)+(Phone Number).