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Calling to Paris France


Call to Paris - How to Make International Calls to Paris, France

In the age of cell phones, VoIP and cheap calling cards, there are a variety of methods for making cheap international phone calls to Paris, France from North America.  One of the most popular products is Tel3Advantage. Tel3Advantage is currently having a promotion where rates are only 1.4 cents per minute on calls from the USA and Canada to Paris and other locations in the France.  The rate for calls to mobile phones in Paris is only 11.4 cents per minute. New customers will also get up to 643 Free Minutes just for trying the service.  Visit Tel3Advantage for more details or call 800 441 0321 and mention the "Triple Promo" in order to get the best rates. 

Tel3Advantage is one of the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America.  They offer low rates with no hidden fees, taxes, monthly fees or long term obligation.  They also offer superb service and a full range of features including PIN Free Dialing, on-line account management and call history so customers can monitor their account activity in real time.  No INTERNET connection is required and Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap long distance and international calls from any kind of phone without changing companies or making any changes to their existing service.  Tel3Advantage makes calling Paris easy from any location in North America.


International Dialing Codes for Calling Paris - Country and City Dialing Codes

Calls from North America to Paris or other locations in France require the caller to use international dialing codes followed by the local phone number.  The first code is referred to as the International Access Code.  For calls from North America the International Access Code is 011.  This number is followed by the country and city codes.  The country code for France is 33 and the city code for Paris is 1.   Therefore, when making an international call to Paris from North America the following sequence of numbers is dialed:

011 + 33 + 1 + (the Local Phone Number)

Making an international call to Paris from countries other than the USA and Canada may not be the same.  In many countries, the International Access Code is 00 or 01 rather than 011 but it could also be another number. Therefore, it is best to check a local directory to obtain the proper International Access Code before attempting a call.  Visit calling France for a list of other French city codes.


How to Call Paris from other Countries

It is possible to make cheap calls to Paris from more than 135 countries with International Phone Cards.  This is a very convenient low cost option for making international calls that is a favorite with travelers, students, military personnel or other people who want to save money on calls while using any kind of telephone.  Since phone cards are prepaid they are also an easy way to budget telecom expenses.  Many premium phone cards have added features which make them much easier to use when making international phone calls.  Some useful features to look for include PIN Free Dialing, call history, speed dial and auto-recharge.  It is best to shop around and compare rates and features before making a purchase.  Also, it is best to purchase a low denomination phone card first to assure the quality is satisfactory before making a larger purchase.  Paris, France is a very popular calling destination so it should not be hard to find a phone card with good rates from almost any location.

Another popular product for making international calls to Paris is Rebtel.  Rebtel is especially popular with cell phone users who travel internationally because it can be used to make cheap international calls from over 50 countries.  Check rates and availability from your location before making a purchase but it is a popular product.  Rebtel claims they have more than 3 million customers worldwide.  Use the banner at the bottom of the page to visit their website for further information. 



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