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Calling Comoros - Cheap International Phone Calls to Comoros

Call mobile phones in Comoros from the USA or Canada for as little as 25.9 cents per minute during the Triple Promo.  New customers also get a bonus of up to $10 in Free Calls. Visit Tel3Advantage to sign-up or call 800 441 0321 and ask for the Triple Promotion Special. Tel3Advantage rates include all fees and taxes so there are no hidden charges, they have the highest call quality and include several added features like PIN free dialing, speed dial and call history at no cost. International callers can also make cheap calls to Comoros from more than 130 countries with phone cards for around 21.5 cents per minute.  Visit: Cheap Card Calls for more information. 

 international calls to comoros International calls to Comoros only require the country dialing code (269) since there are no city dialing codes.  In order to  make an international call to Comoros from North America, simply dial 011 + 269 + (phone number).

Consider the following options for making cheap international calls to Comoros from the USA and other countries.  Call Comoros and get high quality connections, ease of use, flexibility and low cost.


Calling to Comoros from the USA

Call Comoros from the USA with Tel3Advantage and pay only 49 cents per minute with no added fees or taxes.  Get high call quality, convenience and flexibility while saving money on your calls to Comoros and other locations. Sign up now and get up to 680 Free Minutes. This is a very popular way to make low cost calls to Comoros because it offers very high quality connections and can be used from any kind of phone (home, business, cell or VoIP) without changing companies. You will also get on-line account management and call history so you can see what you spend on each call.

Call to Comoros from the USA with Phone Cards for as little as 21.5 cents per minute. This is a good method if you want the absolute cheapest option to make calls to Comoros.  A popular option used by many international callers to make cheap calls to Comoros and other international locations.


Cheap Calls to Comoros from Canada

Call Comoros from Canada or the USA with the Continental Phone Plan for 29.8 cents per minute. Calling International has never been easier and it can be used from any phone in Canada, the USA and 60 countries without changing companies. It also offers low international rates with no added fees.  Continental has the highest quality connections and 24/7 customer service.  Open an account with as little as $7. There is no contract, obligation or hidden fees.

Call Comoros from Canada with Phone Cards for as little as 22.7 cents per minute.  A convenient money saving option that is popular with many international callers.


Calling to Comoros from outside North America

You can make low cost calls to Comoros from outside North America with International Callback . This is a good option if you stay in one location and want to make international calls to Comoros and other locations.  The calls are routed through North America so you will get high call quality and low rates.

Call to Comoros with Phone Cards from 130+ countries.  These offer some of the lowest rates and can be purchased on-line with instant PIN delivery so you can start making calls immediately.

Low Cost Calls to Comoros from countries outside North America can also be made with VoIP or PC to Phone.  These require an Internet connection but the rates are low and the call quality is generally good.


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