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Telecom Affiliate Programs - A Ready made INTERNET Business

Affiliate programs offer individuals a way to cash in on the INTERNET business boom.  Anyone can join an affiliate program and start selling items on line.  It is a great way to earn extra money and most INTERNET based affiliate programs are completely free to join.  The Telecom affiliate  programs listed below are very good programs that offer good commissions on your own sales plus commissions on the sales of affiliates you recruit.  You can sell these telecom products on your own website that is completely free and maintained by the sponsor.  No affiliate program is perfect but those listed below come close.  The main criteria for our screen are the following features:

First, the affiliate program must pay the affiliate a good up-front commission for each sale.

  • Second, the affiliate program must have a feature that allows the affiliate to earn re-occurring income from each customer they introduce.
  • Third, the affiliate program must be Free to join.
  • Last, the affiliate program should give the affiliate a chance to earn income from the sub-affiliates they recruit.

Tel3 Affiliate Program

We think that this is the best affiliate program in the prepaid calling business.  It is a unique product and the affiliate is protected since a customer they find becomes their customer for as long as they use the product. Tel3Advantage pays a bounty of $10 to $25 for each new customer signed up by the affiliate and the affiliate also receives up to 16% commission when the customer recharges their account.  This begins to add up to substantial money after the affiliate opens several accounts.  The Tel3advantage program is also two tiered so the affiliate also earns money from the sales of other affiliates who they sign up and who are recruited by their level 1 sub affiliates.  It is free to join as an affiliate and Tel3 provides a free website and other promotional material including a selection of nice banners. Tel3Advantage is only sold through an affiliate network so the company provides excellent affiliate support.  Tel3 Affiliate Program details can be reviewed by clicking on the link below.

Tel3 will now accept agents in Canada.  They are offering special incentives for Canadian Agents through the end of 2010.  Visit Tel3Advantage Canadian Offer for more information or call 800 441 0321.



Open Your Own Online Shop!!

Open your own Telecom Shop in minutes and even use the domain name of your choice.  Comfi offers one of the best phone card online affiliate programs. They provide a free website that is easy to customize and is Absolutely Free. You can start to earn income on phone cards, VoIP, PC to Phone, International Callback and other products right away.  You can also earn extra income by placing links on your other websites.  Earn commissions of up to 20% on sales and have a steady stream of income as people continue to use your products.  It is also a tiered program so you can  earn income from the affiliates you recruit.  Visit the link below for more details.

Telecom Shop Partner Program


Phone Card Affiliate Program

SpeedyPin - Phone Card Affiliate Program

There are many phone card affiliate programs. The best one we found is offered by SpeedyPin. They pay 10% commission on direct sales by their affiliates when the customer follows the affiliate link to their website and makes a purchase. It is a two tier program where the affiliate gets a 2% commission on sales of thier sub affiliates. The affiliate also gets 10% commission on any reoccuring sales from a customer that makes their first purchase over their affiliate link.  This is an important feature since reoccuring sales start to add up the longer your in the program.  Stay away from phone card affiliate programs that only offer a commission on direct sales only.  You are only building their customer base and they are reaping the long term benefit.  Program details can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  It is free to sign up and there is no obligation. They also provide a nice selection of banners and other marketing material.  It should be noted that SpeedyPin phone cards sell pretty well. The company does a good job of promoting the product with special sales and discounts.




Open Your Own Wireless Superstore!!!

Earn generous commissions on a variety of products.  Your store will come stocked with cell phones, cell phone call plans, cell phone accessories, home alarm systems, VoIP Phone Service, Satellite TV Systems and more. You will be able to sell some of the hottest selling products at discounted prices. A great opportunity whether you have your own website or not.  This affiliate program has the following features.

  • Free Membership - There is absolutely no cost to join the affiliate program! There are also no hidden fees or membership costs to remain an affiliate. TMI Wireless will help you make money without having to spend your hard-earned savings on unnecessary expenses. TMI simply does believe membership fees are fair!
  • Free Personal Website - You will get a personalized website that you can launch and promote immediately after you join! Again, there is NO COST for your free website. Your professionally designed website even allows you to display your own logo if you wish! 
  • State of the Art Online Reporting and Sales Statistics - tmiWireless.com members have access to sales reports and statistics 24 hours a day. Simply login to your affiliate account and view order history reports, click-thru statistics, and more. Our reporting system was designed to give you the information you need to optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Generous Compensation Plan - Earn generous commissions every time one of your customers activates a cell phone (including any of our free cell phone offers) on a new wireless calling plan. Plus, you also earn money when any of your sub-affiliates make a sale! 

    It is Free to join so why not give it a try.

    Wireless Shop Partner Program


    cell phone affiliate!