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On line Prepaid Phone Cards 

Phone cards are a popular and convenient option for making cheap domestic and international long distance phone calls.  They can be used from home, mobile, business or even pay phones to make cheap international phone calls from the USA or almost any other country.  There are a variety of phone cards to chose from that can meet any budget.   Phone cards are a popular option with students, travelers, military personnel or anyone who wants to save money on domestic or international long distance phone calls.  Prepaid phone cards come in all shapes and sizes.  Be sure to choose the right phone card, one that can be used from the location where you intend to use it.  We have provided the phone card rate finder below so you can search for a high quality calling card that can be used to make cheap calls from wherever you plan to make a call.  Using the rate finder you can conveniently search through hundreds of phone cards in order to find the phone card with the lowest rates for your situation.  

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Receive an Immediate Discount on the following Phone Cards 

bizon phone card                   SAVE 10%........ A premium, high quality phone card that is popular for its low rates to Europe and other locations.  It offers a toll free access numbers in the USA and Canada along with local access numbers in both countries.  A popular high quality card with low fees and many nice features, including: Online Call History, Auto Recharge and PIN Free Dialing. Now is the time to try the Bizon Phone Card and save 10% on their already low rates. Visit here for more details.

 continental card                  SAVE 10%..... On one of our favorite International Phone Cards that can be used to make low cost calls from more than 60 countries. It offers local and toll free access numbers along with a full range of features including PIN Free Dialing, On-line Call History and Speed Dial.  This phone card can also be used to make callback calls (webcall or sms call)  from any location, conference calls, VoIP calls along with other uses.  A permanent PIN phone card that has some of the lowest rates for domestic and international long distance phone calls.  Visit International Phone Cards for more details.

 cheap Phone Card   SAVE up to 7%......  The Lowest Rates on Calls from Canada to Most Countries.  Royal Call