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International Callback - Make Cheap International Calls from any Country

International Callback

International Callback phone service is a great way to save money on international calls.  It can be used to make cheap calls from any country in the world to any other country. The calls are made through the USA so you get low rates and high quality connections. Callback can be used to make calls from any kind of telephone as long as you can receive an incoming phone call. Callers can save a significant amount of money by using international callback, especially those located in high tariff countries. It is also convenient and easy to use.  

We offer three different  international callback options.  The first option, referred to as traditional callback, is triggered by making a phone call to an access number located in a third country.  The call is not answered but the computer recognizes the caller and immediately makes a call back to the callers phone.  Please visit the page below for rates and further information on traditional callback.

 Callback Service rates and sign up

We also have two other callback products.  One is referred to as Web or E-mail Triggered Callback and the other is SMS Triggered Callback.  We actually like these other two options better because they can be easily used with multiple phones. 


E-mail or Web Triggered Callback Phone Service

Web triggered callback is actually a feature included with the popular  Continental Calling Card.  It can be used to make cheap international phone calls from any location in the world.  It can be used as a traditional phone card to make calls from 61 countries or it can be used as a callback phone card from any country.  Web call users also get a free on-line account where they can monitor the details for all calls made with their account, check account balances, add funds or access product information.  Web call is ideal for people located in international locations that chrage high tariffs on international calls.  Callers can by-pass the local monopoly phone company and make international calls at low cost USA rates from any location.

Calls are initiated with Web Triggered Callback by sending a preformatted e-mail message over the INTERNET.  The message instructs the computer to call the caller at the phone number they are located at and connect that number with a phone located in another location.  The following is a screen shot of the simple to use web call interface.


Calls are only initiated by sending the preformatted e-mail. The calls are not make over the INTERNET connection so a high quality connection is not needed.  The calls are actually made over normal land-line or cell phones so call quality is excellent and a high speed INTERNET connection is not needed.  A prepaid account can be opened with as little as $5.  We have tested this product many times and feel that it is one of the best callback products on the market.  Interested parties should visit the following page to sign-up or get more information.

Web Triggered Callback


SMS Call - This is similar to Web Triggered Callback except a Call is initiated by sending an SMS Message from a Cell Phone.  This is a very good product but its use is limited to international cell phone users who can send SMS messages.

Other Options for Making Cheap International Calls

The following phone cards can be used to make cheap international calls from a variety of countries.  The continental card can also be used to make web or sms triggered callback from any country.

  - Use the Continental Card as a call back card or as a Phone Card from 61 countries.

 - The Solaris Phone card is a premium quality phone card that can be used to make cheap international phone calls from over 100 countries.

International Calling Card - A Super International Calling Card that can be used from 86 countries.

   - The Travel Globe phone card has been designed for international travelers or others who want to make high quality international calls to the USA from overseas.

 - The AT&T phone card can be used to make international phone calls from over 100 countries.  It is a high quality phone card but it also has limited features and the cost for making phone calls is also high relative to similar products.


How Does Traditional International Callback Phone Service Work?

All you need to do is follow two steps in order to place calls and Save up to 70%:

1. Dial the telephone number that we provide you, wait for one ring and then hang up.

2. When our automated system calls back, pick up the receiver and dial the number you want to call.

It is that simple! By following those easy steps your call will be routed through our network instead of through the local telephone company. This can save you over 70% on your long-distance phone calls.

You will also receive the following benefits:

Low US rates anywhere in the world. Our rates are the best in the industryŚlower than the rates offered by your local phone company. Spend more timeŚnot moneyŚtalking to your loved ones and friends.

Quality connection. Our network uses quality US carriers to terminate calls. And our quality assurance team tests all of our lines on a regular basis.

Fair, accurate billing. We post records of all calls on the Internet in real time. You can see for yourself how much each call lasted and cost. And you will only be billed for calls connected for at least 30 seconds.

Excellent customer service. Our customer service team will respond within minutes of you having placed a call. If your request is sent by email, we guarantee a response within one business day.

Change callback number on line. As you travel from one place to another, you can program your new number on line or through the telephone at any time and at your own convenience.

Credit card charge. You can set any amount you want credited to your account.

On line account management. Spend more time enjoying your traveling and less time managing your account. Manage your account at any time and at your convenience.

No long-term commitments/Cancel anytime. We will earn your business daily by providing superior service. And you can cancel the service without any penalty if you choose.

Real-time on line activation. Sign up now for immediate access to your account information. You will be able to make calls within 24 hours of having signed up.

Callback Service rates and sign up