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Call the Middle East - Cheap Calls to the Middle East

Sign up for Tel3 and deposit $10 and get a $10 Bonus for a limited time during the Tel3 Special OfferVisit  Tel3  or call 800 441 0321 to sign-up using coupon code "coupon10". The cheapest calls to the Middle East. This is a limited time special offer.  Now use from the USA, Canada and 31 other countries.  Visit Tel3 Network for details.

For the Best Rates on international calls to Mobile Phones the Middle East visit Here.

Call the Middle East with Tel3 and get great call quality while saving money.  Tel3 Flex Plan is a very popular plan for calling the Middle East from North America because it combines quality, value and many unique on line features. You can even make international Calls to the Middle East from your Cell Phone at the same Low Rates. Those who know use Tel3Advantage to Call Middle East and other locations.....Visit Tel3 to open an account or call 800 441 0321.

cheapest calls to the middle east

Call the Middle East and Save Money with Tel3

Tel3 is a unique prepaid long distance plan that combines convenience and flexibility with many other benefits not found with phone cards. It works like a calling card or 10-10 dial around long distance by placing calls through a local or toll free access number.  However, the similarity stops there. Tel3 also offers many other features like PIN Free Dialing, on-line account management, real time call history and the ability to set up to 100 speed dial numbers at no extra cost.  It takes a couple of minutes to sign-up for Tel3 and you can start making calls immediately. You will get high quality, low rates and up to 1000 Free Minutes.  Call to any place in North America at any time for only 1.9 cents/minute.  Rates on International calls to the Middle East are from 3 cents/minute with no added fees or taxes.  Call the Middle East from your cell, home or business phone without changing companies.  

Tel3 Rates to Popular Middle East Locations*
















 Saudi Arabia





















*Triple Promo Rates in cents/min using local access and calling home phones.
Calls to cell phones are generally higher.

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Call more than 200 Countries for Less than 10 cents/minute.

If you want to make Low Cost Calls from The Middle East than we recommend International Callback.

If you prefer to the Middle East with International Phone Cards we have provided sample rates to some popular locations.


Call the Middle East from other Locations

Tel3 is currently only available in the USA and Canada.   If you live in another location and want a similar product so you can make low cost international calls to the Middle East and other locations than we suggest you use Continental Long Distance. Continental is very similar toTel3Advantage. They also offer good rates on international calls to the Middle East from about 60 countries.  The call quality is very good and Callture has excellent customer service. Like Tel3 they also do not charge any hidden fees.

How many times have you been frustrated with phone cards because they charge you a higher rate than advertised for each call?  How would you like to know exactly how much you were charged for each call and what happened to your money?  With Tel3 you will pay only the stated rate per minute for each call and you can check this with a "real time" on line call history for your account.  You can also have a plan that you can use over and over so you won't need to keep learning new access numbers and you won't need to enter an account number and PIN when making a call.  You can lower your calling cost, still have high call quality and not be cheated.  If you want to avoid phone card hassles and tricks, try Tel3.  Most of our customers (over 70%) try it and never leave.

A Tel3 account can be opened on-line by going to the Tel3 website or by calling 800 441 0321.  New customers will get the following bonus depending on the initial deposit:

  1. Deposit $25 and get a $5 bonus.  Total account value will be $30.
  2. Deposit $50 and get a $7 bonus.  Total account value will be $57.
  3. Deposit $100 and get a $9 bonus.  Total account value will be $109.

The Flex Plan is ideal for people who make calls to multiple countries.  It has low rates to nearly every country in the world.  Phone cards may have good rates to a specific country or region but the rates are often very high for calls to other locations. Tel3 is a great option for making calls to the Middle East from North America.

The Tel3 Flex Plan combines the convenience and flexibility of a calling card with many other nice features.  A great feature is on line account management and call history.  By viewing the call history a customer can verify that they were charged the listed per minute rate for their calls and there were no other hidden charges or other tricks.  The following are some of the other features included with the Tel3 Flex Plan.

  • Up to 10 phones can be listed on one account.  
  • 24 hour per day Customer Service.
  • On line account call history with details for each call made from the account.
  • The account never expires and there is no monthly charges.
  • Use with cell, business or home phone.
  • Low rates to nearly ever country in the world in one call plan.
  • On line account management.
  • Automatic account recharge when the account gets down to $3.
  • Instant activation.
  • Up to 100 speed dial numbers can be set up for easy calling.
  • No contract or obligation.
  • Simple on line sign up.
  • No monthly fees or taxes.
  • No connection fees or other hidden charges.

Tel3 is only sold through a registered agent program.  Customers currently need a USA or Canadian issued major credit card in order to open an account.  Why not call the Middle East with Tel3 today?

Cheap Calls to the Middle East


Call the Middle East