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Call Africa - Cheap Calls to Africa

Sign up for Tel3, Deposit $10 and get a $10 Bonus for a limited time during the Tel3 10for10 Special PromoVisit  Tel3  or call 800 441 0321 to sign-up using coupon code "coupon10". Get the lowest rates on calls to Africa. This is a limited time special offer.  Now use from the USA, Canada and 31 other countries.  Visit Tel3 Network for details.

For the Best Rates on international calls to Mobile Phones in Africa visit Here.

Making low cost calls to Africa has never been easier. Call Africa with Tel3 and get high quality connections while saving money.  The Tel3 Flex Plan is a very popular plan for calling Africa from the USA and Canada because it combines quality, value and many unique features. You can even make direct dial international Calls to Africa from your Cell Phone at the same Low Rates. Over 100,000 consumers use Tel3 to make international Calls to Africa and other locations......Tel3 now accepts payment through PayPal.

Tel3 Mobile

Call Africa and Save Money get the Tel3 Advantage

The Tel3 Flex plan is a unique prepaid long distance service that combines the convenience and flexibility of a traditional calling card with high quality connections and service, low rates with no hidden fees or taxes and unique features. Tel3 works like a phone card or 1010 calling plan by placing calls through a local or toll free access number but the similarity stops there.   With Tel3 you will also get the following benefits at no extra charge.

  • No need to dial a PIN or Account number when making calls.
  • Top quality (T1) connections.   
  • 24 hour per day Customer Service.
  • Know the exact charge and other details for each call with on line call history.
  • Make direct dial international calls from cell phones with SmartPlug technology.
  • Use with any phone without changing companies.
  • Low rates to nearly ever country in the world with one call plan.
  • Easily make changes to your account with on line account management.
  • The ability to automate account recharges.
  • No maintenance fees, taxes, connection fees or other hidden charges.
  • The ability to set up to 100 speed dial numbers for easy calling.
  • No contract or obligation.
  • Calls are rounded in one minute intervals.
  • A wide network of local access numbers in the USA and Canada.

Tel3 will give you up to 680 Free Minutes just for trying the service.  To open an account visit the Tel3 website or call  1- 800-441-0321.  It just takes a couple of minutes.  Cheap Calls to Africa can also be made with prepaid phone cards or other options but the rates are often the same or higher than Tel3 when one considers the added fees and other charges while call quality is often lower.

Tel3 Rates to Popular African Locations*






















 Burkino Faso












 Cape Verde




 Central African Republic
















 Cote D'Ivoire


 Sierra Leone






 Equatorial Guinea


 South Africa


































*Triple Promo Rates in cents/min using local access and calling home phones.
Calls to cell phones are generally higher.

Rates to all Countries in Africa


Sample Phone Card Rates


Calls to Africa from other International Locations

Tel3 is currently only available in the USA and Canada.   If you live in another location and want a similar product to make cheap calls to Africa and other locations than we suggest you use the Continental Phone Card. Continental has features that are similar to Tel3Advantage and it can be used from over 60 countries.  Their call quality is very good and the rates are also low with minimal fees. Fast World is another phone card that has high quality and can be used to make calls from nearly every country.  

International Long Distance Calls from Africa

Now make low cost calls from Africa using Tel3 Network.  Using Tel3 Network calls can now be made from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Making low cost international calls from most of the countries in Africa is not easy.  Many phone cards and other prepaid products do not offer service from Africa.  One exception is the AT&T Phone Card, it can be used from most African countries but the rates are relatively high.  In our opinion, international callback is the best option for making cheap international calls from most African countries. Traditional callback can be used from some countries but other countries block traditional callback. To get around traditional callback blocking we suggest using Web Call.  It is cheap, easy to use and cannot be blocked without a lot of effort. Using web call, callback calls are initiated by sending a specially formatted e-mail to a computer that connects the call through a third country.  Calls can be made using any kind of phone that can receive calls from overseas. This is the best and lowest cost option for making international calls from most locations in Africa.         

Cheap Calls to Africa