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Call Panama - Cheap International Rates on Calls to Panama

Call Panama from the USA or Canada for as little as 2.1 cents per minute (plus up to 429 Free Minutes) during the Triple Promo.  Visit Tel3Advantage to sign-up or call 800 441 0321 and ask for the Triple Promotion Special. Tel3Advantage has no hidden charges, the highest call quality and plenty of added features.  You can also call to Panama from more than 130 Countries with a Phone Card for as little as 2.2 cents per minute. Se habla espanol, telephono a 800 441 0321.

 international calls to panama How to Call Panama: International calls to Panama only require the country dialing code (507) since there are no city dialing codes.  In order to  make an international call to Panama from North America, simply dial 011 + 507 + (phone number).


Consider the following options for making low cost international calls to Panama from the USA and other countries.  Call Panama and get high quality connections, ease of use, flexibility and low cost.


Call Panama from outside North America

You can make low cost calls to Panama from outside North America with International Callback . This is a good option if you stay in one location and want to make international calls to Panama and other locations.  The calls are routed through North America so you will get high call quality and low rates.


Making Cheap International Calls from Panama 

Cheap International Phone calls to any location in the world can be made from Panama using Web Call   International callers can save as much as 90% on calls compared to phone cards with Web Call because the calls originate in the USA not Panama.  With Web Call, calls are made using any kind of phone that can receive an incoming call.   This can be a home phone, cell phone or business phone.  The call is initiated by sending a pre-formatted message over the INTERNET.  Any quality INTERNET connection can be used since (high speed or dial-up) the calls are not placed over the INTERNET, it is only used to initiate the call.  The pre-formatted message indicates the phone number the caller is calling from and the number they wish to call.  A computer receives the message than first calls the caller in Panama than calls the phone number they want to call. The call is initiated in a matter of seconds so it is a very convenient product to use. 

Web call users also get a free on-line account where they can monitor the details for all calls made with their account, check account balances and make other changes to their account.  Web call is ideal for expats or small businesses located in Panama or almost any international location.


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