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Domestic or International phone service!

Domestic and International Long Distance Phone Plans for Small Business

Small business owners and operators are always seeking ways to reduce operating costs and telephone expenses are a major expense for most small businesses.  There are several options for reducing long distance phone costs while maintaining a professional image.  The best option for an individual business depends on their long distance needs.  There are excellent products for businesses who only need domestic long distance phone service while other products are designed for those who also need a cheap international calling option.  In some cases a business can combine their international mobile calling needs into one package with their office phone service. 

We have listed a few high quality business phone plans here in an easy to understand format.  Please refer to the referenced pages for more details about each product.


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International Prepaid Calling Plan for Business - Use with Landlines and Cell Phones

Tel3Advantage recently launched a prepaid long distance calling plan for small business.  This is a very good plan for businesses who want to make cheap international calls using their existing service provider(s).  The Tel3 Business Plan can be used to make cheap international calls from office phones (land-lines) and mobile phones.  It also has many useful on-line features that have been developed especially for business users.  Some of these are highlighted below:

  • The Tel3 Business Plan can be used with any existing phone service without changing anything.  This includes mobile phones, land-lines or VoIP.
  • Users can make super cheap international calls to any location in the world.  The plan draws on Tel3's vast experience (over 15 years) in the low cost, prepaid international calling business.
  • Tel3 offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  This is a risk-free trial period.
  • The plan comes loaded with on-line management tools.  Business managers can set individual or department spending limits and control budgets on-line, in real time. 
  • The plan comes with a suite of on-line reporting tools. 
  • The plan is virtual so management tools can be accessed via the INTERNET from any location in the world. 
  • The plan can be used to make calls from any location in North America.  This includes the USA and Canada.
  • It is free to set-up and use.  There is no contract or obligation.


Small Business Phone Service - VoIP with Virtual PBX

Phone.com small business VoIP and virtual PBX phone service.  It is an award wining phone service that is ideal for small businesses who want cheap domestic long distance phone service and a professional image.  Customers can call either a toll-free number or a local phone number and calls are answered by an auto-attendant.  The service is easy to set-up and use and comes with unlimted calling, voice mail, virtual office and more. 



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International Toll Free Numbers

Get a Toll Free number in up to 70 countries (available in over 700 international cities) and have calls forwarded to your exisitng phone system.  This is a low cost method of providing toll free access to customers located in international locations.  There are no contracts or set-up fees.  Click the banner below and sign-up for a No Risk 10 day Free Trial.

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Business Unlimited Phone Service - Unlimited Calling in the USA and Canada

Via Talk has been in the VoIP Phone Service for several years and they offer a high quality VoIP Phone Service for small businesses.  This service includes all equipment, a free fax line, a full range of features and unlimited long distance calling in the USA and Canada for one low monthly fee.

Please visit ViaTalk for more details.



eVoice 30-Day Free Trial