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Cheaper and Better than a 1010 Plan - Tel3Advantage

Sign up for Tel3Advantage and get up to 1000 Free Minutes for a limited time during the Tel3Advantage TripleOfferVisit  Tel3  or call 800 441 0321 to sign-up. Make cheap calls from the USA or Canada. This is a limited time special offer.  Now use from the USA, Canada and 31 other countries.  Visit Tel3 Network for details.

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Why use an expensive 1010 Dial Around Long Distance service when a high quality prepaid service like the Tel3 Flex plan is available?  It can be used to make cheap domestic or international long distance phone calls from the USA, Canada and 19 other countries.  The per-minute rates are very cheap compared to 10-10 plans and there are no hidden fees, taxes or extra charges.  Tel3 is also the only phone card (prepaid calling) company to receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Tel3Advatage does not require a contract or other long term obligation.  You can use the service from any phone without adding or changing anything.  It is Free to open an account and the minimum deposit is only $10. You can make a secure payment on-line with Pay Pal or a major credit card.  Use Tel3 as little or as often as you like without being charged any extra fees, you only pay for the calls you make.  You can also use your Tel3Advantage account from any phone to call any place in the world. 

Tel3 prepaid long distance has another important advantage over a 10-10 number, you will know exactly what you will spend for each call and you can view your call history (the exact charge and details for each call) on-line in real time in your secure on-line account. 

Consider the Following Prepaid Calling Options

Tel3 is the most popular prepaid calling plan in North America for making domestic or international long distance calls from the USA and Canada.  Tel3Advantage has the following features. Visit the Tel3 website or Call 800 441 0321 for more details.

  • Calls are rounded in one minute intervals.
  • There are no connection fees, maintenance fees, taxes or other hidden costs.
  • It has a wide network of access numbers.  Both local & toll free.
  • Use from any phone; home, mobile or business.  Nothing to change.
  • Make calls without dialing a PIN code or account number.
  • No contract or other obligation.
  • Rates start at 1 cent per minute.
  • Track usage with an on-line call history in real time.
  • Deposit as little as $10 with Pay Pal or a Major Credit card and start making calls in seconds.
  • Make low cost international calls from any home, business or cell phone.
  • Set up to 99 speed dial numbers.
  • Get up to $10 in Free Minutes.
  • Includes an automatic recharge option. 

Prepaid Phone Cards - Choose from a selection of high quality prepaid virtual calling cards. They can be used to make domestic or international calls from the USA, Canada and more than 100 countries.

  • USA domestic State-to-State long distance calls are less than 1 cent per minute.
  • There are no connection fees.
  • Most calling cards offer toll free and a wide network of local access numbers.  It is typically cheaper to use a local access number to place calls so shop for a card with one in your area.
  • Most high quality calling cards feature PIN free dialing so it is not necessary to enter an account number or other codes when placing a call.
  • Many calling cards have very high call quality.
  • Use to make cheap domestic or international calls from cell phones or any type of telephone.
  • Many calling cards include on-line call history so the user can view the details of each call made with their calling card. 
  • Open account by depositing as little as $5 and start making calls immediately.

Save up to 90% 1010 plans