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Open an account for free, deposit as little as $10 and immediately start making cheap domestic and international calls using the Premier Prepaid Long Distance provider in North America. Now use Tel3Advantage to make calls from the USA, Canada and 34 other countries.  The only prepaid phone card with a A+ rating from BBB. Get high quality and Cheap Rates with no Hidden Fees or Taxes. No contract or obligation.  Deposit $10 and get and get a $10 Bonus for a limited time.Call 800 441 0321 or visit Tel3

Use our convenient tool for finding the the Best Calling card for you.  Instantly Compare Rates, Features, Customer Feedback and fees all in one easy step.  We offer a Wide Selection of Premium Phone Cards that can be used to make cheap calls  from over 130 Countries.  Many offer handy features such as PIN free dialing, call history, local access numbers, auto-recharge and speed dial.  Purchase a Card with Pay Pal or a major credit card for as Little as $5. They can all be safely stored in your on-line personal account.


Tel3 Mobile offers a great product fro making cheap international phone calls from mobile phones. It is free to open an account and there is no contract, monthly fees or long term obiligation.  It is a simple prepaid plan so use it as often or as little as you like.  Tel3 also offers an assortment of free Apps for smart phones.  These allow callers to easily make cheap international calls over the Tel3 network while keeping their current local carrier. Vist Tel3-Mobile for more information and a free, no obligation trial offer that includes up to 100 free international minutes.

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Sign up for Tel3 and get up to $20 Free for a limited time. Visit  Tel3   call 1 800 441 0321 to sign-up using coupon code "coupon10". This is a limited time special offer.  Now use from the USA, Canada and 33 other countries.  Visit Tel3 Network for details.

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International Calling Products that can be used to Make Cheap Calls from any Location

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Tel3  -  Cheap International Calling from any Phone in the USA or Canada.

The Tel3 Flex Plan is the premier prepaid long distance calling plan in North America. It can be used to make cheap international calls from any phone in the USA or Canada without changing companies.  Calls are made through the low cost Tel3 network by dialing a local or toll free access number. Tel3 uses state of the art technology so there is no need to dial an account number or PIN code when placing a call.  Also, by using the new Tel3Apps, SMART phone users can make direct dial international calls.  The minimum deposit to open an account is $10.  There are no hidden costs or taxes and there is no charge to open and maintain an account.  Calls cost as liitle as 1 cent per minute.


Tel3 Advantage can be used to make direct dial international calls from cell phones or it can be used from any business, hotel, home or pay phone  to make cheap domestic or international long distance calls.  Tel3Advantage has one of the widest networks of local access numbers in the industry and has the lowest rates and highest call quality.   That is why more than 100,000 callers in North America use Tel3Advantage to make their international calls.  Se habla espanol, telephono a 800 441 0321.

Tel3Advantage is a prepaid calling plan with no monthly fees, contract or obligation.  An account can be opened on-line in a couple of minutes and it is immediately activated.  There is no fee for maintaining an account so it can be used as little or as often as a caller likes.  Since there are no monthly fees any money added to the account will stay in the account until it is used to make calls.  Unlike many phone cards, Tel3 does not charge taxes or surcharges so the listed rates are the same as those charged when calls are made.  Te3Advantage also uses a 1 minute rounding interval for calculating the cost for a call, so the call length is rounded to the next minute for billing purposes.  Many phone cards use a 3 or even 6 minute rounding interval which means calls are round to the next 3 or 6 minute interval for billing purposes. A larger rounding interval can significantly increase the cost of a call.   

 cheap international calling Tel3Advantage can be used from any cell phone in the USA,Canada or 19 other countries  to make cheap international calls without changing service providers.  It is a convenient low cost option since there is also no need to dial a PIN code or account number when making a call.  Smart Phone users can make cheap international calls without dialing any extra numbers by using TEL3Apps which customers can download for free from the Tel3 website.

Tel3 also includes many features with their prepaid calling plan. One such feature is an on-line call history where the cost and details for each call made using a customer's account can be viewed on-line in real time.  Customers can also register up to 10 phones in one account so calls can be made using these phones without dialing an account number or PIN code when placing a call.  Tel3 customers also have speed dial feature where up to 99 phone numbers can be stored and calls can be made by pressing 2 numbers instead of dialing a string of numbers when dialing an international call.  This is a very handy feature for people who make frequent international calls to the same phone numbers. Tel3 also offers TEL3Apps where direct dial international calls can be made from any smart phone. 

An account can be opened with a major credit card or Pay Pal.  Call 800 441 0321 or visit Tel3 for details.

With Tel3Advantage you will get not only get the cheapest rates on international calls but you will get high call quality, convenience and unique features.



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VOIP Phone Service - Cheap International Calls using a High Speed INTERNET Connection

VoIP has changed the telecommunication world for good.  It combines local and long distance phone service into one package at very low rates.  In addition, most VoIP plans come loaded with features at no additional cost.  For those with a high speed INTERNET connection (DSL or Cable Modem) a VoIP Phone is a great way to slash the cost of home phone service.  Forget the days of $100 phone bills.  With a VoIP phone, local and unlimited long distance phone service can be purchased for as less than $20 per month. 

Many people fear VoIP because they think it is complex and involves computers.  Actually, it is really very simple to install and use.  It only uses the INTERNET connection and does not involve a home computer.  The VoIP phone service provider will supply a special modem (usually free) that is connected to any high Speed INTERNET connection with a cable and a standard telephone is plugged into the modem.  That is all that is require.  Calls can be made or received over a VoIP phone just like any traditional telephone and in many cases the call quality is better.  Most people cannot tell the difference when using a standard telephone or a VoIP Phone.  

VoIP has a few disadvantages over traditional phone service but not many.  For one thing, it will only work when  high speed INTERNET service is available so it is important to have reliable INTERNET service.  Also, in most cases it will not work with home alarm systems so it may be important to keep a cheap land line for home security.  However, even with these shortcomings, it is the way to go for home or business phone service for anyone who already has a high speed INTERNET connection and wants to reduce monthly expenses. 

The problem is finding a VoIP phone service that is right for you.  There are many service providers and they offer slightly different packages.  The traditional phone and cable companies offer VoIP service but their rates are high and they offer little added value.  All VoIP phones use similar technology so there is little reason to pay a high price for VoIP.  It is better to find a VoIP plan that fits your calling pattern.  If you make frequent international calls, than try to find a plan that offers unlimited calling to the countries you call or offers cheap international rates.  If you make few long distance calls than choose a plan that has limited long distance and a low price.  There are also pay-as-you-go plans that may be ideal for people who do not have a consistent calling pattern.  These charge a small monthly fee for service and charge extra for each long distance call.  There are so many different options that it pays to shop and find a plan that fits your calling pattern.  We have several ideas in our VoIP Shop.



International Callback - Cheap International Calls to the USA and other Locations from any country.

Traditional international call back is used to make cheap international calls by dialing a special phone number in the USA or other third country, letting it ring once and hanging up.  A computer at the other end will recognize the account and "callback" the customer any place in the world.  The customer answers the phone and can then place low cost international calls to any location in the world through the third country network at low cost.  Callback phone service is especially popular with ex-pats who work and/or live overseas in countries with monopoly phone companies.  In many cases it is extremely expensive to make international calls from these countries.  Also, these countries do not offer a wide selection of phone cards or they are also an expensive alternative.  Callback plans typically have much cheaper international rates and are very flexible.  An account can be set up and activated on line. Callback service is normally prepaid by credit card or by transferring cash through Pay Pal or by some other means. 

 Callback Phone Service

Several countries actively block traditional callback phone service in order to protect their monopoly phone companies from outside competition.  This is fairly easy to do with traditional callback because it work using caller ID technology.  If caller ID is blocked or simply not supplied than traditional callback will not work because the computer does not know who is calling.  Callback providers have been able to get around this by offering a couple of other products.  These are generally called Web and SMS triggered callback.  Using web call, a callback call is triggered by sending an e-mail message to a computer in a third country.  The computer will than automatically make a call to the caller and connect them with the phone number being called.  SMS triggered callback works in a similar way except it uses an SMS message from a cell phone to activate a call.  Web and SMS callback can basically be used from any location in the world where phone service is available.


Cheap International Calling with Prepaid Phone Cards 


If you haven't used a phone card in a while than you may not know what you are missing.  Phone cards have changed.  There are still cheap phone cards that offer poor call quality and some come loaded with hidden fees but there are also high quality international phone cards that offer top quality connections and honest rates.  For people who want to save money on international calls or those who travel and want to make cheap international calls while on the road, phone cards are hard to beat.  They offer more convenience and flexibility than any other product for the cost.  Customers can open a prepaid phone card account on-line and can add funds, exchange phone cards and manage their account via the INTERNET from any location in the world.  There is also a wide variety of high quality phone cards so virtually any user can find one that fits their specific needs.

Several premium quality phone cards also include handy features.  It is relatively easy to find phone cards on-line that offer PIN free dialing, where calls are placed through an access number without dialing a PIN code or account number, an auto-recharge function and even an on-line call history so the cost and details for each call can be reviewed.  Some phone cards, like the Continental Phone Card are very versatile.  The continental card can be used for conference calling, for  PC-to-phone service, for prepaid VoIP service, for international callback and more. It is a very versatile telecommunication product that can even be used as a phone card from over 70 countries.

Like many things in our lives, technology has changed phone cards.  In this case for the better, they offer better quality, more features and are cheaper than ever before.  If you want to make cheap international phone calls than try a premium phone card.  You will likely be surprised at the high quality service you receive for the price.

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We also offer AT&T Phone CardsThese are great for making cheap calls while traveling in the USA or overseas.  The Phone Card Shop also has a very good selection of Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards in denominations as low as $5. 


PC to Phone Service - Make Cheap International Calls using any INTERNET Connection

PC-to-Phone plans allow a customer to cheap international calls over the INTERNET with their PC from any location in the world where an Internet connection is available.  All that is needed to make a call is a personal computer,  headset, any INTERNET connection and a piece of software downloaded from the service provider's  website.  It is easy to set up an account on line and the applicable software is downloaded from the service provider's website and installed on the customers PC. Most companies offer both pay-as-you-go  or prepaid calling plans.  PC to phone plans are ideal for people who travel with a lap top computer and want to make cheap international calls from any location in the world through any Internet connection.  They can be used to make cheap calls using WiFi,  dial up or any high speed Internet connections.  In general, the fast the connection the better the call quality.  The following link will take you to our Pc-to-Phone page for more details.

PC to Phone Service





Use Tel3Advantage to make cheap international calls from any phone in the USA or Canada.  It can be used from any telephone and there are no hidden fees or other phone card tricks.